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Architectural Guidelines

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Sign the Construction Deposit Agreement

The Moors Golf & Racquet Club Association, Inc. (“Association”) is desirous of an aesthetically pleasing and functionally convenient community.  NCC approval must be obtained for any construction or improvement projects within MG&RC, including, but not limited to, residential dwellings, garages, any type of porches, patios, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, walls, fences, lake bulkheads, exterior lighting, and any other exterior changes or alterations to existing improvements, including without limitation, colors of any exterior surface or material.  NCC approval must also be obtained for landscaping, cut and fill operations, and drainage, as well as the removal of any trees, as more particularly set forth herein.

MG&RC is committed to quality and consistency within its neighborhood environment.  It is the intent of this Manual to establish regulations for Construction of dwellings and associated structures within MG&RC.  By establishing these guidelines, each property owner is guaranteed that their rights will be preserved with respect to construction by others within the development.  The enforcement of the guidelines set forth in this Manual shall be the responsibility of the NCC as established and directed by the Board of Directors.  Homeowners are expected to keep their property maintained and in conformance with the guidelines set forth in this Manual.

The objectives for MG&RC are as follows:

  1. Prevent excessive or unsightly gradings, indiscriminate earth moving or clearing of property, removal of trees and vegetation which could scar natural land forms or potentially disrupt natural water courses.
  2. Ensure that the location and configuration of the Construction or improvements are visually harmonious with the terrain and vegetation of the residential Unit and with surrounding Owner’s Units, and that the structures do not tend to dominate any general development or natural landscape.
  3. Ensure that the architectural design of construction or improvements and their materials and colors are visually harmonious with MG&RC’s overall appearance and design theme.
  4. Ensure the plans for landscaping provide visually pleasing settings for structures on the same Unit and on adjoining or nearby Units, do not impound or direct water drainage on neighboring property and blend harmoniously with the MG&RC landscape theme.
  5. Ensure that any proposed construction or improvements comply with the provisions of this Manual and the applicable restrictions set forth in the Declaration.

Introduction to the New Construction Committee

One of the most effective methods of assuring the protection of the master plan concept, community lifestyle, environment and individual property values is through the establishment of high standards of architectural review. All construction or modification changes to the community (i.e., buildings, garages, site work, building exterior improvements, etc.) must be approved through an architectural review process. The Moors Golf & Racquet Club Association, Inc. (“Association”) administers this process by the authority vested in it through the Declaration. All proposed construction or modifications will be channeled through the NCC.

Each stage of activity within the community is being monitored to assure that all homes being constructed or modified are compatible with the master plan, the Declaration, and this Manual.  The NCC is responsible for carrying out its duties on behalf of all Members of the Association for the benefit of the total community. The NCC reviews applications and design documents for all Construction, including landscaping, within MG&RC. Each application is evaluated on its own merits. The NCC will use this Manual for the purpose of review, but the NCC has the right to consider the merits of any design, due to special conditions that may provide benefits to the adjacent Units, the specific Unit, or to the community as a whole on an individual basis. The NCC does not seek to restrict individual creativity or preferences. It will maintain within the overall community, the aesthetic relationship between homes, natural amenities, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Committee Members
 The NCC shall consist of at least three (3), but no more than five (5) persons and shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all Construction on any portion of the Properties. Until one hundred percent (100%) of the Properties have been developed and conveyed to Owners other than Builders, Santa Rosa Golf Associates, Inc. (the “Declarant”) retains the right to appoint all members of the NCC who shall serve at the Declarant’s discretion. There shall be no surrender of this right prior to that time except in a written instrument in recordable form executed by Declarant.  Upon the expiration of such right, the Board of Directors of the Association (the “Board of Directors”), may, at its option, either appoint the members of the NCC, who shall thereafter serve and may be removed at the Board’s discretion. The members of the NCC shall assume all powers and responsibilities as provided for under the Declaration.
Majority Vote
 Each member of the NCC shall have an equal vote, and the majority of all members of the NCC shall constitute a decision for approval, or denial, of an application. In all cases the Board of Directors of the Association shall have the right to make the final decision on any applications that have been denied approval by the NCC.
 The NCC shall meet as frequently as required to review applications, but shall at a minimum meet at least once a month for this purpose. All decisions made by the NCC will be recorded in minutes taken at the NCC meetings. The minutes will be prepared and retained in accordance with Florida Statutes.
 On behalf of the Association, the NCC is empowered to perform the following services:

-To review all architectural applications for compliance with this Manual, as well as with the Declaration.

-To assure compatible architectural standards and harmonious relationships with neighboring properties.

-To establish fees for the review of applications as may be required.

-To monitor violations of the Manual and notify the Board of Directors of the Association for appropriate action.

-To contact applicants, in writing, whose plans and specifications have been disapproved and to provide reasonable assistance and recommendations for adjustments to bring applications into compliance with the standards and criteria set forth herein and/or with the Declaration.

-To inform Members of the Association regarding NCC activities and/or any changes in standards and criteria as they may occur.

Limitation of Liability
Review and approval of any application pursuant to the Declaration is made on the basis of aesthetic considerations only and the NCC shall not bear any responsibility for ensuring the structural integrity or soundness of any Construction, nor shall the NCC bear responsibility for ensuring compliance with building codes and other governmental requirements.  Neither the Declarant, the Association, the Board of Directors, any committee, nor member of any of the foregoing shall be held liable for any injury, damages, or loss arising out of the manner or quality of any Construction on any Unit.  In all matters, the committees and their members shall be defended and indemnified as provided in the Declaration.


Owners and/or Builders of all new houses within MG&RC are required to submit plans and provide the necessary items for the review process.
Owners and/or Builders desiring to undertake additions or renovations to houses and structures are required to submit plans and provide the necessary items for the review process. Minor improvements that do not require drawings may be eligible for an accelerated review at the option of the NCC. The NCC shall have final approval and decision making authority in the event of any dispute as to whether a project should be treated as an addition or renovation or a minor improvement, and the Members hereby agree to accept the NCC’s decision as binding.

All plans are subject to a design review fee (the “Design Review Fee”). The Design Review Fee for one Unit is $500.00 and is due at the time of the submittal by the applicant of the final, complete set of plans. Additional fees may be charged should the NCC, through its reasonable, good faith efforts, determine that additional professionals are required to consult or verify field progress.  Additional review fees will also be charged and collected if plans approved by the NCC are revised after final acceptance without the written approval of the NCC. The amounts of the review fees are subject to change without notice.
After review and approval by the NCC, the Owner or Builder must begin construction (either new or modifications) within ninety (90) days from the date of approval. In the event that the Owner or Builder does not begin construction within ninety (90) days from the date of approval of plans by the NCC, the Owner or Builder must submit a new application along with the appropriate Design Review Fee, and said application must be approved by the NCC before commencement of construction. Once an Owner and/or Builder commence Construction, said Construction must be completed within eighteen (18) months from the date of approval.

An application may be withdrawn by the Owner and/or Builder, without prejudice, provided that the request for withdrawal is made in writing and filed with the NCC prior to the review and/or action by the NCC on the relevant application.
If the Owner (and/or his/her architect) feel that certain portions of the design review guidelines set forth in this Manual are inappropriate, based on the design elements of his/her particular residence, then the Owner may apply for a variance from a specific requirement of the guidelines. Application forms for the variance request may be obtained from the NCC. The burden of establishing the reasons why a specific requirement in this Manual is not appropriate is the responsibility of the Owner and his/her architect. The Owner’s architect should provide reasonable assurance in the variance request submittal that the overall intent of the design review guidelines established by this Manual will be accomplished with the residence as proposed. The decision of the variance rests solely with the NCC, and the granting of the variance for one particular situation does not warrant or imply that a variance will be granted for the same situation of another home site. Each variance request will be reviewed on a case by case, residence by residence basis, in keeping with the overall objectives of this Manual. (Refer to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions Article IX Sec 9.5 for further explanation of a variance.)
The Owner or Builder may not make any changes to the approved plans without the express written consent of the NCC. An Improvement Form with applicable supporting data must be submitted to the NCC for approval in writing. All deviations shall require NCC approval prior to commencement of Construction.
A refundable construction deposit (the “Construction Deposit”) and executed Construction Deposit Agreement shall be required by the NCC prior to any Construction. The amount of the Construction Deposit will reasonably be determined by the Association in its sole discretion on a case by case basis, and the Association (and to the extent necessary, the NCC) will take into account the nature of the Construction when determining the amount of the Construction Deposit. The NCC shall have the right, but not the obligation, to utilize the Construction Deposit to repair any damage caused by construction personnel or equipment to adjacent property, amenities, Common Areas, or used to clean the construction site, if necessary.  The Construction Deposit will be held by the Association in a non-interest bearing account for the benefit of the Owner and/or Builder.  The Construction Deposit will be returned to the Owner and/or Builder upon receipt by the NCC of a Certificate of Occupancy, completion of final inspection (set forth hereinbelow), and upon issuance of a Certificate of Compliance by the NCC, less any funds withheld due to damage, required cleanup or compliance in accordance with this Manual.

The Construction Deposit shall be used as assurance that all Owners and Builders will keep their Unit, any adjacent Units or Common Areas, and the construction site, in a neat, clean and reasonable fashion, during and until Certificate of Compliance is issued, and to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations as set forth by the NCC. Owner(s) and Builder(s) are responsible for the actions of their contractors and subcontractors, who, if found to be in violation of the NCC policies and procedures, may be prohibited from being allowed into MG&RC and as a result of such prohibition, neither the NCC nor the Association shall be responsible or liable for any delays or disruptions in the Construction.

Periodic inspections may be made by the NCC while construction is in progress to determine compliance with the approved plans and speci The NCC is empowered to enforce its policies, as set forth in the Declaration, this Manual, or in accordance with Florida law, including, but not limited to, an action in a court of law to ensure compliance.
Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, an application will not be considered complete nor shall it be reviewed by the NCC if the Owner is not current on all assessments (plus any and all fees incurred by the Association in its attempts to collect the delinquent assessments) due and owing to the Association. In addition, in the event that an Owner is current on all assessments at the time of Complete Submittal (defined hereinbelow) but becomes delinquent prior to the commencement of Construction, the Owner and/or its Builder may not commence such Construction until all delinquent assessments owed to the Association have been paid in full.  The failure by the Owner to pay and/or stay current on all assessments owed to the Association shall in no way extend the relevant time periods set forth herein for the commencement and completion of any Construction.
In the event that an Owner feels that another property Owner (or the other property Owners’ Builder and/or agents) has violated or undertaken actions not in conformance with this Manual, he/she shall contact the NCC in writing. The NCC shall then decide in its sole and absolute discretion whether or not there has been a non-conformance.  The NCC shall notify any violating or non-compliant Owner of the nature of the violation or non-compliance in writing, and shall give said Owner a reasonable opportunity to commence actions to remedy the violation or non-compliance.



The following is an outline of the procedures for plan submissions for single family, detached homes. All full, complete plans are to be submitted to the NCC. The NCC will not review incomplete submittals.

  1. SCHEDULE PRE-DESIGN MEETING – Once you have your preliminary plans, pictures, ideas or elevations for home construction and landscaping, Unit Owners shall contact the NCC to schedule a preliminary review. Unit Owners shall submit preliminary plans, ideas and colors prior to spending time and money on final plans. Owners shall bring these plans to the scheduled meeting and the NCC will provide comments and recommendations critical to approval of any Construction. Appointments shall be scheduled with the NCC on the regular meeting days of the NCC.
  2. COMPLETE SUBMITTAL – When you have completed all your plans and are within sixty (60) days of your anticipated construction commencement date, you shall submit a copy of all plans listed below, as well as the Design Review Fee and Construction Deposit to the NCC (the “Complete Submittal”). All submissions must be complete and any incomplete submittals will be deemed automatically denied by the NCC without prejudice to the Owner to re-submit plans. A Complete Submittal shall contain copies of all items listed in this Article IV, Section 2.

Elements you must have for the COMPLETE SUBMITTAL are:

    1. Design Review fee
    2. Construction Deposit and Construction Deposit Agreement
    3. A Completed, Application Form –  Exhibit 2
    4. Site Plan – The Site Plan shall have at a minimum the following information:
  1. Property lines
  2. Building setback lines
  • House and accessory structures (including porches, screen enclosures, patios and garbage can barriers)
  1. Driveways and other site improvements
  2. Fencing
  3. Sidewalks
  • Swimming pools


    1. Landscape & Irrigation Plan – (Must be prepared by a Landscape Designer) The Landscape & Irrigation Plan shall have at a minimum the following information:
  1. Property lines
  2. House and accessory structures
  • Trees, both existing and new, and should indicate caliper and height of trees
  1. Plantings, including caliper and height where applicable
  2. Sodded areas
  3. Irrigation plan
  • Drainage


    1. Floor Plans – The Floor Plans shall have the following information:
  1. Dimensioned floor plans for each level
  2. Elevations of slabs and floors
  • Roof plan (the roof plan should show all roofing surfaces and the direction of water flow).


    1. Elevations – The Elevations shall have at a minimum  the following information:
  1. Materials drawn to scale
  2. Actual windows and doors to be used
  • Overall building height
  1. Chimneys, arbors and other accessories
  2. All elevations should be shown – Front, back, left & right side
  3. Exterior lighting
  • Pitch of roof
    1. Wall Sections – The Wall Sections shall contain  at a minimum the following information:
  1. Materials used
  2. Slab and adjacent grade elevations
    1. Exterior Details – The Exterior Details should contain at a minimum the following information:
  1. Materials used
  2. Finish of materials
  • Color of materials
    1. Door and Window Schedules – The Door and Window Schedules shall contain at a minimum  the following information:
  1. Manufacturer and product number
  2. Sizes
  • Style including mullion patterns and glass patterns
    1. Exterior Materials List and Sample Board – The Exterior Materials List should contain specifications for all exterior materials used in construction.  A Sample Board must be submitted showing the intended materials, colors, and finishes of all exterior materials. See Exhibit 2.


  1. NCC REVIEW OF COMPLETE SUBMITTALUpon receipt of the Complete Submittal by the NCC, the NCC will review the Complete Submittal and respond in writing to the Owner and/or Builder within the time permitted by Section 9.3(b) of the Declaration.  Said written response by the NCC shall notify the applicant as to whether the Complete Submittal has been accepted, denied or accepted with conditions which require revisions.
  2. COUNTY APPROVAL – Upon written receipt of NCC approval of your plans, and before Construction commences, Owner and/or Builder MUST submit the approved plans and approval letter to the Santa Rosa County Building Department to receive your building permits. If any changes are required by the permitting agency, the NCC must be notified in writing and must consent with these changes in writing prior to the commencement of any construction.


  1. REVIEW FOR CLEARINGAfter receipt of approval from the NCC and upon issuance of your county building permits, Owner is required to have the corners of their house staked in the field for review by the NCC prior to any clearing of the Unit. Owner must contact the NCC to schedule a time for NCC to review the site with you and your Builder. Any unauthorized clearing of any Unit will lead to enforcement in accordance with the Declaration and/or fines in accordance with Florida law. Any fines assessed by the NCC through its reasonable, good faith efforts in accordance with this Article IV, Section 5 may be withheld from the Construction Deposit.  No clearing equipment will be allowed to enter MG&RC prior to the above on-site meeting.
  2. PERIODIC INSPECTIONSThe NCC specifically reserves unto itself and/or its agents, the right of entry (including all easements associated with this right of entry) and inspection upon any portion of any Unit for the purposes of determining whether any Construction in progress is in compliance with the NCC approved design documents. The applicant’s full cooperation with members of the NCC during these periodic inspections is required. The NCC shall have the authority granted unto it by the Declaration for any violations of approved design documents and any nonconformance with approved design documents may be subject to a fine and/or legal action in the discretion of the NCC. Any fines assessed by the NCC through its reasonable, good faith efforts in accordance with this Article IV, Section 6 may be withheld from the Construction Deposit.
  3. FINAL INSPECTION – Upon completion of Construction, Owner shall, with regards to new construction, submit a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy, along with a copy of the foundation survey, to the NCC within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy.  Upon completion of any additions/modifications to any existing building, Owner shall submit a written statement to the NCC within fourteen (14) days of completion of said additions/modifications.  Upon receipt, the NCC will then schedule, at a time convenient to the NCC in its sole discretion, the final NCC inspection of the property to ensure that the Construction was performed in compliance with the approved design documents.  After completion of the final inspection, and provided that there are no violations of the approved design documents, the NCC shall issue a Certificate of Compliance certifying that the construction (or addition/modification) has been completed in accordance with the approved design documents.  Upon issuance of the Certificate of Compliance, the NCC shall arrange for the return of the Construction Deposit within fourteen (14) days of the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance.  The NCC shall have the right to withhold the Construction Deposit from the Owner if during the final inspection it is determined by the NCC, in its sole discretion, that the Construction was not performed in compliance with the approved design documents.



  1. APPLICABILITY OF ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS AND CRITERIA – The standards and criteria set forth herein shall apply to any and all Construction within MG&RC. Grading, excavating, tree removal, landscaping or any other change to the grounds of a Unit within MG&RC will also conform to the same standards. These are minimum allowable requirements and are in addition to any contractual obligations contained in the agreement for purchase at MG&RC. Certain Units may have additional restrictions due to their proximity to water, wetlands or preserve.


  1. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN – It is strongly encouraged by the NCC that all architectural designs within MG&RC be “traditional” in style. Since no particular design is mandated, each plan shall be considered by the NCC on an individual basis. Specific emphasis will be placed on impact and harmony with surrounding homes and styles.
    1. ANCILLARY STRUCTURES – An “Ancillary Structure” is a detached structure from the main residence which could include garages, guest house or cabanas and which is within the Building Area of the Unit. These structures must be of the same architectural design, material, roof pitch and color as the main residence.


    1. REPETITION In order to accomplish diversity within MG&RC, the repetition of the same house design is limited.  Repeated house designs are discouraged but can be used with the following provisions:
  1. Repeated designs cannot occur within six (6) Units of a similar design.
  2. Mirrored house plans shall be considered repeated designs.
  3. When repeated designs are across the street from the original, the repeated house shall not be visible from the original house.




  1. Decks must be located at the rear of the house within the Building setbacks and the configuration, detail, and railing design should relate harmoniously with the architectural style of the house.
  2. Decks must be constructed with synthetic decking material.
  3. The decks synthetic decking material needs to coordinate with the neighborhood design or to help integrate the deck with the house, the color must relate to the colors of the house.
  4. When a deck is on the first level, a skirt board or lattice must be constructed, and landscape planting must be provided to screen structural elements as well as soften the structure visually.
  5. Balconies cannot be enclosed by screening.




  1. The NCC focuses on the details and proportions used in the exterior designs, the consistency of detail on all elevations, and compatibility in the streetscape with regard to the other homes constructed in MG&RC.
  2. The NCC encourages creative composition of windows and doors, varying cornice heights and roof lines, and specific elements such as dormers, shutters, frieze boards, and brick detail.
  3. The NCC encourages the addition of front porches, recessed garage door framing, roof vents and dormers to embellish the standard symmetry or massing used in many house designs.
  4. Minimum 2×6 Fascia board
  5. All exterior walls shall have a 9 foot minimum top plate.
  6. Finished measurement from grass to bottom of soffit will be not less than 10’0”

(raise trusses as needed to create the look of Elevated home height.)



  1. Exterior fixtures with metal halide bulbs are encouraged.
  2. Proposed exterior lighting shall be detailed on an electrical plan and/or landscape plan identifying wattage, aiming angle and its foot candle curves. Exterior lighting, which in the opinion of the NCC, in its sole and absolute discretion, would create a nuisance to the adjoining property Owners, will not be permitted.
  3. Lighting fixture design must be compatible with the architectural design and appropriately located. The lights must be directed downward, diffused, shielded, or of low wattage. All exterior lighting shall be buffered from surrounding residences and shall not be directed to any streets or roadways.
  4. Colored lighting is expressly prohibited.
  5. Exterior eave lighting required (minimum of 5 lights required), other accent lighting is encouraged





  1. Artificial, simulated, or imitation materials (i.e., aluminum siding, simulated brick, vinyl siding, etc.) are not permitted on the exteriors of a residence.
  2. The following exterior materials, in most cases, have been deemed acceptable and appropriate by the NCC; however, they must be consistent with the architectural design and officially approved by the NCC:


  1. Stucco – Smooth or textured finish


  1. Masonry – Stone, brick, split rock (ceramic and marble in limited amounts)


  1. Wood – Board and batten, concrete, wood siding, hardie boards


  1. Vinyl – Soffits, porches and gables (accents only). Must be contained to sides and rear of home. Vinyl shake material must be premium with staggered look.


  1. Exterior colors and textures (including the roof, as outlined more fully in Article V, Section 2 (P) below) must be in accordance with the approved color palate established by the NCC, as amended from time to time.
  2. A variance from the approved color palate can be requested and if the NCC approves the variance request, the approved color shall be included within the approved color palate for future use.
  3. Any color or texture that the NCC determines in its sole and absolute discretion would be inharmonious with the housing standards and criteria within MG&RC shall not be permitted.
  4. The color of the roof and roof detail, exterior walls, doors, trim, soffit and fascia must be harmonious with the architectural style of the house, as these are integral to the exterior scheme of the residence.
  5. Bright colors, with the exception of white, as the dominant color of the residence are prohibited. The use of warm earth tone colors is encouraged for the dominant color of the residence.


NOTE – The NCC shall have final approval of all exterior color selections. Each Owner or Builder must submit a color and sample board (including stucco, brick, vinyl, fascia, soffit, decking, pavers, roof tiles, and any building highlights, etc.), to the NCC prior to Construction on any Unit.


  1. All garbage and trash containers when not being placed for collection on designated collection days, shall not be visible from the street and shall be placed within the garage or behind a four foot (4’) high privacy wall as approved by the NCC.
  2. The privacy wall shall be comprised of brick or stucco and should relate harmoniously with the architectural style of the house.
  3. Sanitary, capped containers will be required.



  1. Each residence must have a private, fully enclosed garage for not less than two (2) cars for homes smaller than 3,000 sqft and three (3) cars for 3,000+sqft. The minimum acceptable dimensions are twenty-two feet by twenty-three feet (22’ X 23’).
  2. Garage doors are to be eight feet (8’) tall in painted or stained carriage.
  3. Three car garages are not acceptable for front entry access except courtyard entries.
  4. In most cases, garages must be attached to the main dwelling and in keeping with the architectural style of the residence. Detached garage structures shall be permitted but the location must be within the Building Area of the Unit and shall be unobtrusive and not distracting to adjoining neighbors. The location of a detached garage structure must be approved by the NCC.
  5. Carports are not permitted.
  6. Side loading garages are encouraged with garage doors being on the side of the main dwelling. Exceptions to this, such as courtyard or front load, will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  7. In the case of corner Units, side load garage doors must be flipped away from the street.
  8. Single wide doors are required on all front load garages.
  9. Double garage doors shall be a maximum of eighteen feet (18’) in width.
  10. Single garage doors shall be a maximum of ten feet (10’) in width.
  11. Automatic garage door openers are required on all overhead doors.
  12. A five foot (5’) wide planting area between all paving surfaces and front of the house shall be required.
  13. Garage rear entry from Country Lane Road is prohibited for units on Block O



  1. All residences shall have a driveway of at least ten feet (10′) in width to a maximum of sixteen feet (16′) in width at the front of the property line with a six feet (6’) radius at curb intersection.
  2. Circular driveways are not generally permitted. A variance request will need to be submitted if a circular driveway is requested.
  3. Driveways shall be located a minimum of five feet (5’) from the side property line.
  4. Finished, pattern concrete, pavers, and impregnated stone finishes are permitted.
  5. Driveways may also be constructed of brick interlocking pavers, but must be of a stable and permanent construction.
  6. Asphalts, blacktop, and loose gravel are prohibited.



  1. Sidewalks must be of a material that is either the same as that of the driveway or one which is compatible and harmonious to the driveway and residential structure.
  2. Sidewalks shall be spaced a minimum of five feet (5’) from face of home to allow for adequate planting space.
  3. Each owner must construct a five foot (5’) wide sidewalk along the front portion of their Unit, with the exact location to be approved by the NCC prior to its construction. Each sidewalk layout shall be included within the Complete Submittal and shall be approved by the NCC upon construction of the home.
  4. Sidewalks shall be the responsibility of the Owner and shall be built on the Unit in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Revised ADA Regulations Implementing Title II and Title III (the “ADA”). It shall be the responsibility of Owner and/or Builder to ensure that any construction, including additions and renovations, to any sidewalk is in compliance with the ADA, and any acceptance or approval of any plans by the NCC should not be construed as the NCC affirming that the sidewalks as designed or built are in compliance with the ADA.  This burden shall at all times rest with the Owner and/or Builder.
  5. Where sidewalks cross over driveways, sidewalks are to maintain the same plane and  may not dip/drop down.  Maximum Fall/slant may not be more than ¼” per foot on all   sidewalks.



  1. Gutters must be of seamless aluminum material and the color harmonious with the rest of the house.
  2. Downspouts should be located in least conspicuous location on the sides or back of the home and storm water must flow in a direction conforming to approved drainage plan requirements so as not to affect adjacent property.
  3. Any homes adjacent to any lake or other body of water within MG&RC shall be allowed to run storm water to any storm drain which flows into the lake or other body of water, upon the approval by the NCC.



  1. No mailbox, newspaper box or other receptacle of any kind for use in the delivery of mail, newspapers, magazines or similar material shall be of a type other than the required mailbox design.
  2. Current approved mailbox information can be located on the MG&RC website.
  3. House numbers placed on any residence shall be compatible with the architectural style of the residence to which they will be attached.



  1. All privately owned electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment, including, propane gas tanks, air conditioning compressors and condensers, swimming pool equipment, transformers and meters, and sprinkler controls shall be properly screened by a privacy wall or landscape so that they shall not be visible from the street or adjacent property.
  2. No window or wall air conditioning or heating units shall be permitted.
  3. Antennas of any kind are not permitted.
  4. Satellite dishes are permitted but must be shielded from the view of the street.



  1. The minimum finished floor elevation shall be twenty-four inches (24”) and the maximum shall be thirty-six inches (36″) from the finished grade. This will be measured at the front entry after all construction and site grading is complete.
  2. The front set back shall be measured from the back of the curb abutting an Owner’s Unit. The rear set back and side set back shall be measured from the respective property line of the relevant Unit.



  1. 16” foundation height (measured from finished grass to top of slab)


Units Minimum Square Feet Front Set Back Side Set Back Rear Set Back
H1 – H15
H22 – H30
3,000 45’0″ 12’6″ 55’0″
H16 – H21
H31 – H34
2,500 45’0″ 12’6″ 55’0″
I1 – I35; J18 – J27 2,500 40’0″ 12’6″ 55’0″
J1 – J17 3,000 40’0″ 12’6″ 55’0″
K1 – K5 3,000 45’0″ 12’6″ 45’0″
O1 – O8 2,800 45’0″ 12’6″ 45’0″
P1  – P13
P4 – P7**
3,200 45’0″ 12’6″ 45’0″
Q1 – Q8 3,200 45’0″ 12’6″ 45’0″
R1  – R21 3,500 45’0″ 12’6″ 55’0″

** Rear setback starts from the wetland line not boundary line or lot corners



P.      ROOFS


  1. Dimensional shingles (25 yr. min. life span), cement tile, asphalt and any other approved synthetic architectural shingle are the approved materials for all pitched roofs.
  2. The proportion of roofs shall be consistent with the architectural style of the residence.
  3. The minimum pitch for roofs is 8:12 slope.
  4. The color of the roof shall be approved by the NCC and said color will come from one of the following NCC approved color families: black or brown.  Other colors will be considered upon submittal to the NCC on a case by case basis.  If the NCC reviews and approves any color for the roof, then that color shall be deemed approved for all future construction (new construction or additions/renovations) within MG&RC.
  5. A parapet roof may be allowed if it is not a dominant feature of the building and is consistent with the architectural style of the residence.
  6. Metal roofs are prohibited with the exception of bays and dormers.




  1. All chimneys must include a metal cap covering the spark resistor. Chimney caps shall be painted to match the approved co
  2. Roof stacks and vents are encouraged to be placed on rear slopes of the roofs where they are least visible from adjoining property and from the st Roof stacks and vents shall be painted the roof color and shall not extend above the ridge line of pitched roofs.





  1. All screened porches, pool enclosures, decks and patios must be covered by the same roof material as the house or screening and made to look as part of the house.
  2. All screening, screen framing, doors, door frames, and structural members of enclosures shall be bronze in color. No other color shall be permitted within MG&RC.
  3. All screened enclosures must be within the rear shadow of the home and may not exceed a line extended and aligned with the side wall of the dwelling.
  4. Patios can be located in the rear shadow of the home. Front and side yard locations will be reviewed on an individual basis but are generally discouraged by the
  5. Patios should be constructed with integrally colored concrete, slate, flagstone, brick, “cool deck,” tile, poly pebble, stamped concrete or other synthetic material approved by the NCC.




  1. All signs, billboards, and advertising structures are prohibited on any Unit except the NCC pre-approved builders sign and document box.
  2. No sign shall be nailed or attached to any t
  3. A flag pole for display of the American Flag only shall be permitted.
  4. No flag pole shall be used as an antenna.




  1. Skylights should have a low profile, preferably flat or slightly curved. They should be installed parallel with the roof ridgesand edges.
  2. The skylight frame should be painted to match the color of theroof.
  3. No skylights will be permitted on the front roof slopes or those roof areas directly visible from adjacent streets.
  4. Solar panels must be located so that they are not visible from the street and must be harmoniously integrated with the building.




  1. All swimming pools must be in ground.
  2. Pools shall not be permitted on the street side or side yards of the residence unless incorporated into a courtyard design, nor shall any portion of a pool, decking or enclosure be permitted to extend outside the building of the Unit.
  3. Raised decks, spa areas, et shall not project more than two feet (2’) above the finished grade.
  4. Swimming pool location, design and enclosure details must be submitted for review and approval by the NCC. Details pertaining to privacy or visual separation must be included in the submittal.
  5. Spas/hot tubs shall be located in the rear yard away from adjacent property so that the use, presence, and noise of the mechanical equipment do not adversely affect the use of the adjacent propert They should be an integral part of a deck, patio, or be landscaped.
  6. Tennis courts will not be permitted on any Unit.





  1. Playground equipment, including basketball goals, if approved, must be placed in the rear shadow of the residence not visible from the street. Absolutely no playground equipment will be allowed in front or side yards. Portable equipment/goal must be stored in the garage when not in use.
  2. Absolutely no tree houses shall be constructed on any Unit or Common Area properties.
  3. Outbuildings, if approved, must be placed within the rear building area of the Unit and must be in scale with the size of the yard and existing buildings.
  4. Outbuildings must be constructed of materials similar to the residence and should be screened by additional la
  5. Any and all outbuildings must be approved by the NCC prior to construction and installa
  6. Prefab metal storage buildings are prohibited.


    1. WALLS & FENCES – Walls and fencing can be an intrusion to the open character of the community and may have both a visual and physical impact on adjoining property.  Careful consideration must be given to fencing concept and execution.


  1. All fences must conform to a specific design mandated by the Association. See Exhibit 1
  2. Fences shall be a maximum of four feet zero inches (4’-0”) tall
  3. Fences shall be constructed of PVC material through and through and only styles approved by the NCC shall be installed.
  4. Fences must be approved by the NCC and be located in the rear of the Unit.
  5. Fences shall not extend forward of the rear corners of the home.
  6. Fences on the lake must not extend beyond the rear building set back.
  7. Decorative entry walls, entry gates, courtyard walls, and privacy walls are not permitted beyond building setbacks, unless approved by the NCC.
  8. Chain link fence is prohibited.
  9. Lots that abut Country Lane Road are required to erect and maintain a six foot (6’) tall white vinyl solid fence using not less than treated 4×4 anchor post, 5/8” slats and 2×4 braces. See photo below.